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MS SQL Database CSV Export – Part 1

The following process describes how to connect to a MSSQL database, run a query, and save the result as a CSV file; all via command line so it can be easily added to a batch file and scheduled to run via Task Scheduler or any other mechanism. In “part 2”, I will describe how to create a simple… Read More »

Silently Remove all Java

In Microsoft Windows I frequently run into situations where customers have several outdated versions of Java, or not the “right” version required for a particular vendor. Removing Java via Programs and Features is not the fastest and I sometimes found there are versions of Java that remain in the system even if they are not listed under Programs… Read More »

Deploying Adobe AIR Apps

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Recently had to do some work deploying an Adobe AIR application and came up with a nifty batch file that takes care of silently doing this for me. It has a few extras in there like disabling Adobe AIR update prompts and re-installing/updating the app if it already exists. A few things to note before… Read More »