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Not all Microsoft Azure VMs are created equal

After doing some work with Azure VMs and scale sets I’ve found out that, generally, selecting the same size SKU does not mean getting the same performance. On top of that, some of the newer generation sizes (v2 vs v3) are not available in certain region+zone combinations affecting availability configuration options for desired sizing SKUs. Performance. For example… Read More »

MS SQL Database CSV Export – Part 1

The following process describes how to connect to a MSSQL database, run a query, and save the result as a CSV file; all via command line so it can be easily added to a batch file and scheduled to run via Task Scheduler or any other mechanism. In “part 2”, I will describe how to create a simple… Read More »

Silently Remove all Java

In Microsoft Windows I frequently run into situations where customers have several outdated versions of Java, or not the “right” version required for a particular vendor. Removing Java via Programs and Features is not the fastest and I sometimes found there are versions of Java that remain in the system even if they are not listed under Programs… Read More »

Deploying Adobe AIR Apps

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Recently had to do some work deploying an Adobe AIR application and came up with a nifty batch file that takes care of silently doing this for me. It has a few extras in there like disabling Adobe AIR update prompts and re-installing/updating the app if it already exists. A few things to note before… Read More »