First of, thank you for visiting my site. I hope you can find one piece of information that solves a particular problem or at least helps you come up with something great.

This is mostly a personal endeavor designed to share with the world those great little accomplishments that happen when you spend enough time solving technology problems. Specifically, interesting finds or methods in the world of computers, programming, databases, system administration, and system integration. I’ve found that with so much content out there in the web, sometimes being really specific about what you are trying to do, and how you managed to do it, can go a long way. Also, I’ll be posting some content here related to work done at my web hosting and development company Candisa IT Solutions (link below). This site is hosted on the same platform I use for my customers (LAMP) so watch out for interesting posts using that stack.

With that said, I’m not looking to be your one stop shop for daily tech news or latest technologies… Plenty of great sites out there for that. I’m a problem solver and that sometimes requires looking into new things, but I also do a lot of work for critical infrastructure and processes so bleeding edge is not always my cup of tea.

That is it, hope it makes sense and talk to you in the comments!

— VeneDude
Candisa IT Solutions